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Commercial properties and businesses, require the specific set of skills and knowledge which we provide as your Commercial Locksmith. These vary widely from residential services as each individual situation requires a different and specific set of services and skills. If your home is broken into, you won’t need our automotive or aircraft service for instance. You need

Commercial and Business locksmith services. Fortunately, Ariel Reliable Locksmith is all inclusive, we specialize in the security and safety issues of your commercial business and property, particular to that environment.

The services provided by Ariel Reliable Locksmith include all the basic locksmithing needs within your office, warehouse or shop. This can include fixing file cabinets, installing new locks for desks, and creating new keys or a masterkey system and key control protocol. Installing electronic keypad locks and programming them for you. These services are often indispensable, especially in a company that deals with a lot of money or has a lot of sensitive information to keep protected.

We install and repair panic/exit devices and push bars, alarmed exit paddles and door bars. We even help bring you up to code - Replacing interior lock cylinders with thumb turns on your shop doors and replacing knobs with A.D.A. compliant commercial leversets.

We install, adjust and maintain pneumatic door closers, hinged door stops, kick plates and push plates too. We even repair, replace and generate keys for display cases and -gas pumps!

We have trusted, verified partners right here in Gwinnett County, who we can refer* you to for electronic card readers, proximity cards, magnetic locks - even closed circuit television and alarm systems.


Just call us at (678)768-9001, let us know your needs and areas of concern, allow our knowledge skill and training be your key to security at your company and organization.


(*These referrals are FREE for you and we do not receive nor accept compensation from our partners)

Real Estate and Eviction Services

At Ariel Reliable Locksmith, we offer the complete package of Real Estate Services.

We Offer Service For:

For Sale Properties

Bank Repossessions

Abandoned Properties

Rental Properties

Auction Purchases

Apartment and Multi-Family Units

Tenant Evictions


Are you an agent/broker selling or renting Residential or Commercial properties? We can rekey whole houses, or just the front door to allow other agents access.


If you have several properties, we can place them on a single Master Key, while they still retain the original key, your Master Key will gain you entry to your entire catalog of listings. You would avoid the hassle of carrying around multiple keys or having to fumble through key rings trying to find the correct key.

We can gain entry to abandoned properties so you can have them cleaned and renovated, ready again for the market.


Have tenants disappeared taking the keys with them? We can generate a new to key for the existing locks or rekey them to a new and different key to block unauthorized entry. Many times you do not even have to be on site, all we need is your authorization. As a bonus, when the work is complete, we offer FREE key delivery, we'll bring them to YOU!

We offer low cost rekeying packages which you can give closing gifts to your buyers.


We make keys and perform rekeys for Bank Repossessed Properties.


We can place multiple units on a master key system for maintenance team access.


We generate keys or rekey properties purchased at auction.


Here at Ariel Reliable Locksmith, we will tailor our services specifically to meet your unique, individual requirements in the different areas of the Real Estate arena.

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